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Castle Hall Integrates SwissAnalytics into its Global Due Diligence Platform

Castle Hall, the Due Diligence Company, announced today that it has reached an agreement to integrate SwissAnalytics within Castle Hall’s global due diligence platform. Under a comprehensive user rights and intellectual property agreement, Castle Hall has acquired SwissAnalytics’ operational due diligence practice, together with SwissAnalytics’ sophisticated quantitative and qualitative investment risk due diligence tools.

“With this agreement, we are delighted to fully incorporate the SwissAnalytics due diligence capability into the Castle Hall offering,” said Chris Addy, President and CEO of Castle Hall. “Castle Hall first reached a partnership agreement with SwissAnalytics in 2014, and the expanded diligence capabilities this relationship has brought us have been embraced by clients across Europe. We are delighted to take this next step to formally merge our two companies’ operations.”

A key element of the transaction is the launch of RiskDiligence, which integrates the SwissAnalytics Ramses quantitative tools and broader risk due diligence capabilities within Castle Hall’s online diligence platform, DueDiligenceProfessional. RiskDiligence provides investors with a qualitative assessment of a fund or portfolio’s risk and return drivers (including management capabilities, investment strategies and processes, and risk management controls), and a quantitative evaluation of historical results.

“Integrating SwissAnalytics’ risk diligence capabilities with Castle Hall’s comprehensive due diligence offering is an excellent fit,” said Christian Nauer, CEO of SwissAnalytics. “Joining forces in this way provides clients a service offering with an unsurpassed breadth and depth, allowing a meticulous and systematic evaluation of an investment from both a risk and operational diligence perspective.”

“In combination, OpsDiligence and RiskDiligence offer a fully independent and unconflicted due diligence capability” said Addy. “Importantly, our companies do not select funds, build portfolios, or seek compensation as an investment advisor. Unlike the traditional investment consultant model, our approach ensures effective segregation of duties between front office risk taking and asset owners’ governance, risk and compliance workflows.”

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